Davidovich Bakery Featured on “What’s Up New York”

Davidovich Bakery Featured on "What's Up New York"

Davidovich Bakery Featured on "What's Up New York"
Davidovich Bakery Featured on “What’s Up New York”

October 6, 2023 (NYC)-Last month Davidovich Bakery’s fine products were featured on the hit NYC program, “What’s up NY“.  Michele Trainor, comedian and host of the program, visited the Essex Street Market and spent time interviewing the Davidovich Staff, tasting some of its fine products, and enjoying its world class coffee.

Davidovich Bakery has been a staple of the Essex Street Market, one of the last Public Markets in the United States, for over ten (10) years.

Michele Trainor spent some time with two other great vendors in the Essex Market as she, and her team, escaped torrential downpours in New York City on the Sunday this was filmed.   She is also the host of the highly successful web series, Divorce Diaries.

To see this fun episode, please visit:




Mr. Davidovich Goes To Washington

Mr. Davidovich Goes to Washington
Mr. Davidovich Goes to Washington
“Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” by Mitch Wagner is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Mr. Davidovich Goes to WashingtonFebruary 13, 2023 (Washington DC)The US Congress was treated to a “Taste of NY” last week, as NYC Representative Daniel Goldman introduced his esteemed colleagues on Capitol Hill to the famed Davidovich Bagel.

Goldman, from New York’s 10th Congressional District, created the House Bagel Caucus to share NYC’s beloved and iconic product with Government Officials, Staffers, and Reporters from around the country.   Congressman Goldman understands the value of traditional artisan bagels, like Davidovich, which are handmade, kettle boiled, planked baked, kosher, and delicious.  He wanted to share this cultural legacy with Congressman and women who come from districts where “real bagels” are hard to find.  His experiment was an overwhelming success.

Goldman lauded NYC’s favorite food export, “We’re extremely proud to be home of the world’s best bagels and were thrilled to spread the love to our friends from around the country.”  Congressman Goldman, rather than just talking about his state’s great bagels. actually brought them from one of Davidovich’s Bagel shops located on the Lower East Side of New York to his newly elected lawmakers in Washington DC.

Davidovich Company spokesman, Marc Fintz, had this to say, “We applaud Congressman Goldman for sharing his love of Davidovich, and of all real bagels.   Hopefully, his fellow representatives have come to understand that a real bagel is not just bread with a hole in it-it is part of the fabric of our culture.   Davidovich is happy to provide our delicious bagels to any of Congress’s officials, or constituents, no matter where in the United States they are located.” 

While this isn’t the first time Davidovich has been the feature story in a Washington headline.  In 2012 the Artisan Bakers at Davidovich filed a Federal complaint to cease a large commercial manufacturer from misleading the public into believe they were making “Artisan Bagels” like Davidovich.  Davidovich managed to stop the misleading campaign.  It was a David and Goliath story that put the company’s brand on the map.  However, Congressman Goldman’s presentation marked the first time Davidovich has been served to the key government officials running the United States.

Perhaps the next step will be for Representative Goldman to ask the House to declare Davidovich the official bagel of the United States Congress.

Davidovich Celebrates National Bagel Day 2023

“National Bagel & Lox Day” by mhaithaca is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

January 15, 2023 (NYC)– Today marks the celebration of National Bagel Day and Davidovich Bakery’s Marc Fintz has some advice on how to make it a terrific celebration.

While there are many food holidays, National Bagel Day is the only one dedicated to NYC’s most iconic food.

Real Bagels, like Davidovich, are hand made, kettle boiled, plank baked, all natural, Kosher, Pas Yisroel, and really, really delicious.

Fintz is the author of the historic treatise, The History of Bagels in America.  This book can be found everywhere, including Amazon.com



A Tribute to The Creator Of The Rainbow Bagel

A Tribute to The Creator Of The Rainbow Bagel
A Tribute to The Creator Of The Rainbow Bagel
A Tribute to The Creator Of The Rainbow Bagel

May 10, 2022- (NYC)A Tribute to The Creator Of The Rainbow Bagel.  On Monday it was announced that the creator of the famed Rainbow Bagel was closing his last NYC Based bagel Shop due to “health concerns”.


Davidovich Bakery wishes him well.  We introduced our version of the Artisan Rainbow Bagel several years ago and it has become a unique and popular items because of its stark contrast to the color pallet of normal bagels.

What goes into a Davidovich Rainbow Bagel?   Well, like all Davidovich Bagels the Rainbow Bagel is made with the best ingredients.  It is kettle boiled, plank baked, Kosher, and really good.

What makes it unique?  This labor of love involves each colored layer being separately created and then delicately hand crafted into the swirl of Rainbow you see in the finished product.  This is why this product is usually more highly priced than a traditional bagel.  It takes about 5x as much work to hand craft this beauty thank say, a Plain, or Pumpernickel bagel.  However, people feel it is worth it.

You can still purchase the famed Davidovich Bagels directly, or through any of our discerning Food Distributors.

Feel free to email us for more at:  sales@allnp.com

How To Mitigate Against Inflationary Times When Buying Davidovich Par Baked Bagels

Distributors-Regional and National
How To Mitigate Against Inflationary Times
American trucks
by Tim Zim

April 11, 2021 (NYC)– How To Mitigate Against Inflationary Times When Buying Davidovich Par Baked Bagels

2022 has seen unprecedented inflation and supply chain shortages.   This has impacted every level of the Food Industry, including Bagel makers.  We have been faced with staggering inflation, including  over 100% increases in flour costs and Ingredients.  Fuel costs have more than tripled, making delivery more expensive.  Even the boxes your Davidovich Bagels come in continue to be more expensive.   While All Natural Products has tried to hold prices as steady as we can, we have had no choice but to implement modest increases over the past several months.

Here are a few suggestions on things you can do to mitigate the impact of inflationary increases in ordering your Davidovich Par Baked bagels

1.    Order multiple Pallets at once instead of staggering the orders.   By doing this you will be able to take advantage of discounted rates in trucking by offsetting the costs of every pallet.   We always remind our customers that a trucker charges less to send 4 pallets at once than 1 pallet a week for 4 weeks.   If possible keep this in mind.
2.   If buying directly, pay by electronic check, rather than a credit card.   This will help you offset the impact of finance charges on your payment.  We are happy to accept electronic checks as a form of payment.
3.    If you are unable to buy directly you might wish to buy through a local frozen food distributor.  Local Distributors often have the ability to be more competitive in pricing than the big National Chains.  If your local Distributor doesn’t currently carry Davidovich they can easily access them through our National Redistribution program.  Just Ask us HOW!
Thanks for your interest in the best and most authentic NYC water boiled bagels in the world.  We serve the best because we are the best.  Don’t your customers deserve to eat REAL BAGELS?