Schripps Medium Dinner Rolls

September 22, 2022 (NYC)Davidovich Bakery carries the entire line of Schripps European Bread‘s dinner roll collection.   These are perfect for restaurants, caters, hotels and banquets.

This informative video provides a look at some of the most popular dinner rolls available from the company.  These items are baked daily and delivered locally, and nationwide to the most discerning customers in the world.

The partnering of Davidovich Bagels, the world’s best bagel maker, with a 28 year old Artisan Bread company has opened up a full line of the best baked, kosher products the NY Metropolitan area has ever seen.

Davidovich Bakery continues to grow and make strategic alliances to offer our fresh and frozen customers the best baked goods in the world.   All our products are made with the best, all natural ingredients.   Just like our Ukrainian ancestors made for decades in Europe and Asia.

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What Does It Mean to Be Real Bread?

What Does It Mean to Be Real Bread?


June 28, 2022 (NYC)-“What Does It Mean to Be Real Bread?”  While this is not a question most people think about, the questions was considered by the Irish Courts at the start of the Global Pandemic. This may be one of the reasons why the SHOCKING decision was not widely discussed.

In a unique case the Irish Courts considered whether or not the Subway Franchise was allowed to call its famed sandwich product “Bread” at all because the level of sugar was so substantial that it should be more classified as a sweet, or cake?   WOW.

At Davidovich Bakery we make all our products the old fashioned way, including our breads,  Simple ingredients.  Artisan processes.   We use only the best ingredients.  While it appears Subway breads exceeded 10% sugar content in some cases, raising the concerns expressed in the case; Davidovich Breads contain less than 60% of the sugar of its Subway counterparts.

With obesity and diabetes on the rise, the Irish Courts were progressive and protective of the consumer public, who naturally presume when eating something called bread that it would contain less sugar than a cake or sweet.  Therefore in its ruling the court found:

Subway bread is not bread, Irish court rules

Judge finds that sugar content of US chain’s sandwiches exceeds stipulated limit and they should thus be classified as confectionery…

In essence the court ruled that Subway deceived the public by passing off cakes as bread in their sandwich making process.  Consider the implications of this on health in places like the United States where Subway is the #1 fast food franchise.

So if you are looking for real artisan bread, made the old fashioned way look for Davidovich, or Schripps European Bread, everywhere that fine foods are sold.