Mr. Davidovich Goes To Washington

Mr. Davidovich Goes to Washington
Mr. Davidovich Goes to Washington
“Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” by Mitch Wagner is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Mr. Davidovich Goes to WashingtonFebruary 13, 2023 (Washington DC)The US Congress was treated to a “Taste of NY” last week, as NYC Representative Daniel Goldman introduced his esteemed colleagues on Capitol Hill to the famed Davidovich Bagel.

Goldman, from New York’s 10th Congressional District, created the House Bagel Caucus to share NYC’s beloved and iconic product with Government Officials, Staffers, and Reporters from around the country.   Congressman Goldman understands the value of traditional artisan bagels, like Davidovich, which are handmade, kettle boiled, planked baked, kosher, and delicious.  He wanted to share this cultural legacy with Congressman and women who come from districts where “real bagels” are hard to find.  His experiment was an overwhelming success.

Goldman lauded NYC’s favorite food export, “We’re extremely proud to be home of the world’s best bagels and were thrilled to spread the love to our friends from around the country.”  Congressman Goldman, rather than just talking about his state’s great bagels. actually brought them from one of Davidovich’s Bagel shops located on the Lower East Side of New York to his newly elected lawmakers in Washington DC.

Davidovich Company spokesman, Marc Fintz, had this to say, “We applaud Congressman Goldman for sharing his love of Davidovich, and of all real bagels.   Hopefully, his fellow representatives have come to understand that a real bagel is not just bread with a hole in it-it is part of the fabric of our culture.   Davidovich is happy to provide our delicious bagels to any of Congress’s officials, or constituents, no matter where in the United States they are located.” 

While this isn’t the first time Davidovich has been the feature story in a Washington headline.  In 2012 the Artisan Bakers at Davidovich filed a Federal complaint to cease a large commercial manufacturer from misleading the public into believe they were making “Artisan Bagels” like Davidovich.  Davidovich managed to stop the misleading campaign.  It was a David and Goliath story that put the company’s brand on the map.  However, Congressman Goldman’s presentation marked the first time Davidovich has been served to the key government officials running the United States.

Perhaps the next step will be for Representative Goldman to ask the House to declare Davidovich the official bagel of the United States Congress.

Davidovich Celebrates National Bagel Day 2023

“National Bagel & Lox Day” by mhaithaca is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

January 15, 2023 (NYC)– Today marks the celebration of National Bagel Day and Davidovich Bakery’s Marc Fintz has some advice on how to make it a terrific celebration.

While there are many food holidays, National Bagel Day is the only one dedicated to NYC’s most iconic food.

Real Bagels, like Davidovich, are hand made, kettle boiled, plank baked, all natural, Kosher, Pas Yisroel, and really, really delicious.

Fintz is the author of the historic treatise, The History of Bagels in America.  This book can be found everywhere, including


Start or Move Your Business to New York, NY Today

April 5, 2022 (NYC)– Start or Move Your Business to New York, NY Today by Tina Martin

New York, New York is without a doubt one of the biggest and most famous cities on the planet. It’s many tourist attractions include the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park, and countless others. It’s also the hub of countless businesses of all types and sizes – and it can also be the birthplace of your business (or at least its new location). Let Davidovich Bakery tell you how.


New York City is home to five boroughs: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. Each of these contains dozens of neighborhoods, so the depth and diversity within New York City really is off the scale. Your best bet is to research each of the boroughs to decide which would be the best fit for you (and your budget), then refine and focus your search accordingly.

The median home sale price was $750,000 in 2021, but rent is a possibility, as well. Rent can fluctuate greatly, depending on the area in question. Keep in mind that you can apply for VA loans, energy-efficient mortgage assistance, down payment assistance, and homeownership voucher programs for New York residents. 

Business-Friendly Community 

New York City is home to over 8 million people – which is a lot of potential customers! And seeing as how the Big Apple already supports over 200,000 small businesses, obviously those residents aren’t afraid to spend!

With so many businesses in the town, you can easily network with other entrepreneurs. They can help you face hardships along the way and encourage you to push forward.

Just a few of the many examples of local organizations dedicated to businesses include:

Quality of Life 

If you have children, the education system ranks highly, so you can feel confident they’re receiving a quality education. For adults, there are restaurants, bars, and many opportunities for higher education – including a long list of talent-attracting colleges and universities. An educated local population means you’ll have a strong pool of talent to select from when building your workforce. 

Starting a Business in NYC

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Take Advantage of Living and Doing  Business in NYC Today 

Living and working in New York City means you are part of one of the biggest, most thriving metropolises on the planet. With its rich history, diverse population, and booming economy, the opportunities for growth are practically endless.

Davidovich Bakery brings world renowned products together with the finest gourmet spreads, salmon, salads, baked goods and beverages, to an exciting venue in one of NYC’s most dynamic districts, the Lower East Side’s historic Essex Market. Call (646) 682-9857.

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Davidovich’s History of the Bagels in America

Davidovich's Bagel Talk
Everyone is talking about Davidovich’s Bagel Talk

March 10, 2020 (NYC) -TheHistory of Bagels In America author and lecturer, Marc Fintz, joined host and comedian, Joe Pontillo, for a talk about the book, about bagel history, and about NYC History.  This 2019 publication is based on a series of lectures hosted by Davidovich Bakery about the history of Artisan baked goods, like Davidovich Bagels.  The original lecture was given before a “sold-out” crowd in New York City.

Pontillo’s interview of author and Bagel Historian, Marc Fintz, was filmed last month at the Blue Moon Hotel, on the Lower East Side of NYC as part of Davidovich’s monthly talk show, Bagel Talk.  This highly successful show features artisan food makers, historians, and NYC artisans in a format that allows viewers to get more familiar with the rich and wonderful history of NYC, its food, and culture.

This light hearted look at the state of modern bagel making and the relationship between this iconic, cultural food and its people is not to be missed. The History of Bagels in America can be found everywhere books are sold, including Davidovich’s online store.

Bagel Talk is a monthly talk show produced by Davidovich Bakery, the makers of the world most famous bagels.