How Eating Davidovich Bagels Can Help Your Metabolism- (From TIME)

November 29, 2017-Plenty of research has found that eating breakfast is important for weight maintenance, metabolism and overall good health. Now, the evidence gets even stronger: a small new randomized controlled trial finds that regularly eating a substantial morning meal directly affects how fat cells function in the body by changing the activity of genes involved in fat metabolism and insulin resistance. The findings suggest that eating breakfast every morning may help lower people’s risk for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, the study authors say—and that even if a morning meal increases a person’s total calorie consumption, those calories may be offset by other energy-burning benefits.

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Davidovich Bagels Are Headed to Egypt

NYC, December 7, 2016,

All Natural Products’ Davidovich Bakery announced today that it has reached a historic agreement that will bring NYC’s most beloved kettle boiled, plank baked, artisan Kosher, and, now, non-GMO Certified, bagels to Egypt Starting in 2017.

Company spokesperson, Marc Fintz, said “The international demand for our authentic New York City water boiled bagels has continued to skyrocket. The rise of global travel in the past 10 years has exposed people from all corners of the globe to our authentic bagels and the desire to introduce them to marketplaces from the Middle East to the Pacific Rim has been one of our largest growth segments.”

In addition to being found in the finest retailers in New York City, Davidovich Bagels can be found throughout the United States, the Far East, parts of Europe, and, starting in 2017, the Middle East.

About Davidovich Bakery For years New Yorkers enjoyed these delicious traditional bagels without ever even knowing the name of the Artisans who produced them. Then the word started to spread. People around NYC, around the United States, and all around the world started to talk about these unique, throwbacks to the original days of bagel making, the Davidovich Bagel. Sold in the finest establishments in the world. Davidovich Bagels use the finest ingredients, are hand made, kettle boiled, plank baked, Non GMO Certified, and Kosher. Davidovich Bagels have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Forbes, The NY Daily News, The Village Voice, The Forward, and many, many more publications. Featured on ABC News, The Jon Stewart Show, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods and many more television programs.

Davidovich Bakery NON GMO Certified

Davidovich bakery has received the prestigious certification from NON GMO Project.

Now not only do you know that you are getting the best bagels made from all natural ingredients from Davidovich,  It is actually CERTIFIED such by the NON GMO Project.



April 8, 2015–  Davidovich Bakery, the makers of the world famous Davidovich Bagels, will be joining with Overseas Foodsthe Ruff Cluband others, in raising funds for the victims of the tragic East Village Collapse of March 26, 2015.   In the spirit of community involvement, Davidovich is pleased to be able to do its part to ease the burden of this tragedy, which left residents homeless, displaced businesses, resulted in injuries and the loss of life.
Below are the details of the event, held at the Ruff Club on April 12, 2015.  


For you: 
Bagels, Mimosas, RC’s Famous Bloodies


For them:
Housemade Biscuits, Pawtying




DATE: Sunday, April 12, 1:00 pm




COST: FREE, w/ $5+ #EastVillageExplosion donations collected at door*




*Normally this event is free, but this year, please bring a few bucks for the East Village Collapse program of the Mayor’s Fund to Advance NYC.