Davidovich Celebrates National Bagel Day 2023

“National Bagel & Lox Day” by mhaithaca is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

January 15, 2023 (NYC)– Today marks the celebration of National Bagel Day and Davidovich Bakery’s Marc Fintz has some advice on how to make it a terrific celebration.

While there are many food holidays, National Bagel Day is the only one dedicated to NYC’s most iconic food.

Real Bagels, like Davidovich, are hand made, kettle boiled, plank baked, all natural, Kosher, Pas Yisroel, and really, really delicious.

Fintz is the author of the historic treatise, The History of Bagels in America.  This book can be found everywhere, including Amazon.com



Surefire Tips To Open a Restaurant With Minimal Budget

Photo Credit: Clem Onojeghuo via Pexels

September 21, 2022 (NYC)-Surefire Tips To Open a Restaurant With Minimal Budget.

Starting a restaurant is both exciting and daunting. While you may be willing to complete the required tasks, the costs can be quite prohibitive. What does a prospective restaurateur in New York City have to do? The following article has tips from Davidovich Bakery on how you can cut costs when opening a new restaurant.

Try a Pop-Up Restaurant

A pop-up restaurant is a temporary event designed to showcase your culinary skills in a brief setting. You can host it in various locations. The restaurant can be anything from a one-night exclusive takeover of a neighborhood restaurant to a food tent open for a few months at a local outdoor market.

The main advantage of taking this less-conventional path is the reduced hustle and costs in location, equipment, or labor. It also saves on renting or remodeling an existing building. They also allow you to test the culinary waters and let new guests learn about your food.

How To Find Funding

Starting a restaurant with your own money is the best option. After all, you won’t have the pressure and risks associated with loans. Ideally, you can start small with what you have and grow. However, creating a restaurant with your savings is ill-advised unless you have enough disposable income for daily needs and expenses.

Ideally, build your capital by putting aside money for this goal. Borrow money from family and friends if you can. You can also apply for a business loan from the Small Business Administration (SBA).

Take Advantage of Free and Low-Cost Advertising Opportunities

Marketing plays a critical role in attracting customers. Fortunately, you can take advantage of low-cost and free marketing methods, including:

  • Google Business Profile. Four out of five consumers use search engines to find local information, products, or services. Your Google Business Profile will promote your restaurant and attract new customers.
  • Local public relations. Charitable efforts or community involvement will get your restaurant some good local press, and people will come out in support. 
  • A web presence. If you have a few technical skills, you can start your own website for less than you might imagine. You can use it to post menus, a blog, or your locations if you’re mobile. Having a solid web presence means patrons have somewhere to find out more about you, and it gives you a chance to show off your goods with amazing pictures. 

Invest time in learning how to best exploit some or all of these marketing avenues, as they can pay off in raising your local profile and building your reputation.

Get Onto Social Media Platforms

Social media is trendy for a reason: it works! Even if you’re not the most tech savvy or if you can’t see yourself doing over the top videos, you need to find your niche and get on social media.

    • Audience. Which platform(s) you use depends on who you want to reach. If you’re targeting younger people, including the 10-19 year old crowd, then you can’t ignore TikTok. It has over one million regularly monthly users and over 60% of them are under 30. Note that more than half that number are in the 10-19 year old demographic. Instagram has over two billion users, and over 60% of their users are 18-34 year olds. Facebook still has the largest audience, and 34% of its users are aged 25-34.
    • Purpose. If you’re trying to network, then Linked In is your best bet. You can use it for promos, but it’s designed more for businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with one another. The three other major social media platforms are more to show off what you do, why you’re different, who you are, and get followers. And never underestimate the power of a social media influencer!
    • Design. All of these platforms are incredibly visual, so make sure your marketing is on point! Set your brand colors in advance and get yourself a memorable, but simple, logo that represents who you are and what your business does. Then, use these things to create marketing across all platforms. Go online and use a Facebook ads maker to design something sleek and on brand for you. The tool is free, and you can find similar ones for other platforms as well. 

Stay on Top of Your Finances

Even with impeccable services and delicious food, running a successful restaurant without a reliable financial system is next to impossible. You can manage your finances efficiently with accounting software. You can track inventory, generate invoices, calculate sales tax, price recipes, and menus, and integrate with point of sale (POS) systems — all through one affordable solution.

The Key Takeaway for Opening a Low-Cost Restaurant

With a little ingenuity and creativity, nothing should deter your goal of opening a restaurant. Try a pop-up restaurant first, get funding, and use free and low-cost advertising. Let social media do some of the work for you as you post simple, but memorable videos and pictures about your restaurant. With any luck, you’ll have a great brick and mortar spot like Davidovich Bakery in no time!

-Article by Tina Martin

Schripps Medium Dinner Rolls

September 22, 2022 (NYC)Davidovich Bakery carries the entire line of Schripps European Bread‘s dinner roll collection.   These are perfect for restaurants, caters, hotels and banquets.

This informative video provides a look at some of the most popular dinner rolls available from the company.  These items are baked daily and delivered locally, and nationwide to the most discerning customers in the world.

The partnering of Davidovich Bagels, the world’s best bagel maker, with a 28 year old Artisan Bread company has opened up a full line of the best baked, kosher products the NY Metropolitan area has ever seen.

Davidovich Bakery continues to grow and make strategic alliances to offer our fresh and frozen customers the best baked goods in the world.   All our products are made with the best, all natural ingredients.   Just like our Ukrainian ancestors made for decades in Europe and Asia.

To sample, or find out more please email:  sales@allnp.com


What Does It Mean to Be Real Bread?

What Does It Mean to Be Real Bread?


June 28, 2022 (NYC)-“What Does It Mean to Be Real Bread?”  While this is not a question most people think about, the questions was considered by the Irish Courts at the start of the Global Pandemic. This may be one of the reasons why the SHOCKING decision was not widely discussed.

In a unique case the Irish Courts considered whether or not the Subway Franchise was allowed to call its famed sandwich product “Bread” at all because the level of sugar was so substantial that it should be more classified as a sweet, or cake?   WOW.

At Davidovich Bakery we make all our products the old fashioned way, including our breads,  Simple ingredients.  Artisan processes.   We use only the best ingredients.  While it appears Subway breads exceeded 10% sugar content in some cases, raising the concerns expressed in the case; Davidovich Breads contain less than 60% of the sugar of its Subway counterparts.

With obesity and diabetes on the rise, the Irish Courts were progressive and protective of the consumer public, who naturally presume when eating something called bread that it would contain less sugar than a cake or sweet.  Therefore in its ruling the court found:

Subway bread is not bread, Irish court rules

Judge finds that sugar content of US chain’s sandwiches exceeds stipulated limit and they should thus be classified as confectionery…

In essence the court ruled that Subway deceived the public by passing off cakes as bread in their sandwich making process.  Consider the implications of this on health in places like the United States where Subway is the #1 fast food franchise.

So if you are looking for real artisan bread, made the old fashioned way look for Davidovich, or Schripps European Bread, everywhere that fine foods are sold.

Davidovich Prepares for PRIDE Month 2022 With the PRIDE Bagel

Davidovich Prepares for PRIDE Month 2022 With the PRIDE Bagel
Davidovich Prepares for PRIDE Month 2022 With the PRIDE Bagel
Davidovich Prepares for PRIDE Month 2022 With the PRIDE Bagel

May 26, 2022 (NYC)- Davidovich Prepares for PRIDE Month 2022 With the PRIDE Bagel.  JUNE marks PRIDE month around the world and there will be major PRIDE Month celebrations in cities around the United States. In New York City, the place where PRIDE month originated is also the home of the world famous Davidovich Bagels.

The Davidovich Rainbow Bagel is a hand crafted, layered work of Artisan goodness. It has also been adopted as the Official Bagel of PRIDE month around the country. Hand Made, kettle boiled, plank baked, and made by hand with only the best ingredients.

The Davidovich Rainbow Bagel is available where fine foods are sold or online at: http://www.thebagel.info

June 1, 2022 will mark the annual PRIDE parade in New York City and major cities around the US.  Look for people eating the Davidovich Rainbow Bagel at those events and send us those photos!

The History of PRIDE MONTH in NYC:

June 27, 1973
Igniting a Movement
Early in the morning on June 28, police raided the Stonewall Inn, a Greenwich Village bar that had become a staple of New York City’s underground gay community. But this time, tired of the ongoing raids, community members fought back, striking what would become known as The Stonewall Riots.
To Find out more visit: