Distributors, Regional and National

When dealing with the finest food distributors in the world it isn’t enough to, simply, have the best products in the market place.  Davidovich Bakery’s Distribution Division is uniquely experienced in working with small, regional,  independent frozen food distributors as well as the national, broad line, food distribution giants.   
At Davidovich, we understand food logistics, whether its frozen trucking efficiencies, cold storage, or micro food distribution.   We are partnered with the most professional trucking, shipping, and air delivery companies to make delivery to to your distribution hub worry free and cost effective.   
Have your own logistics infrastructure, or relationship?   That’s great too.  We will work with you to have your frozen products loaded in a professional and trouble free manner at one of our state of the art, easily accessible locations.   
Davidovich’s experienced, sales staff is proficient and knowledgeable in all aspects of our products, from handling, storage, new product set ups, nutritional information, baking instructions, and Points of Sale to be able to assist your sales staff in marketing the products most effectively.  We are also available to meet with, talk to, and provide sales support to the end user in order to insure that Distributors are represented in the best possible light to their customers.  This is truly a joint venture in a Distributor’s success.
Davidovich also recognizes that “time is of the essence” for Distributors, which is why we are able to provide customized billing options to meet the internal criteria of each of our distinguished clients.
Your customers’ satisfaction is too important to take chances on dealing with anyone but the best manufacturers, like Davidovich.