Davidovich Muffins

Davidovich Muffins

Our Muffins are made from real yogurt, butter and flour, we do not use any artificial mixes, preservatives, coloring, or chemicals in our process as  many of the sales leader in the marketplace have become accustomed to doing.

Our Muffins are Kosher-Dairy and certified by OK Kosher, one of the leading Kosher Certification Agencies in the world.

Our Muffins not only contain a yogurt base- they are made with the finest ingredients, including real fruit, and plenty of inclusions.   Nothing is worse than biting into a muffin and finding out the base contains NO FRUIT.

Many Muffins toward are sweetened with Corn Syrup, the same base that is used in soda manufacturing.  Not at Davidovich.   Our muffins are sweetened with fruit, chocolates, and unrefined sugar-never corn syrup, or artificial sweeteners.

With over 18 delicious flavors to choose from your customers will never think of your selection as ordinary.

When you buy our muffins for your establishment you are serving your customers nothing but the best quality muffin available in the market. Our muffins are made with love, the old fashioned way by hand, by artisan pastry makers

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