Coffee Shops and Restaurants

What is the #1 misconception coffee shop owners fall victim to?   The answer is-that customers come in for the great coffee and will buy food anyway, regardless of the quality.   This is just not the case.  Studies have proven that esteemed coffeehouses that de-emphasize quality food selection suffer a significant econominc cost.   Discerning coffee drinkers expect a quality food program.  That why Coffee Shops and Restaurants buy from Davidovich Bakery.
Davidovich Bakery has been working with the finest coffee shops in the world and the their results are proven.  In a recent experiment an famous coffee shop test market Davidovich’s Artisan Baked Goods in one random location, of nearly 100.  After 90 days the food program at this location outsold all the rest, by far.  The results-99 more coffee shops are now showcasing Davidovich Baked Goods.
Coffee Shops & Restaurants
Davidovich’s experienced, Food Team will work with you, “hand in hand” to create a unique food program that will have your customers raving about the products and making you their “one stop shop” for food and coffee, day after day.
Even the finest restaurants often neglect the importance of a gourmet breakfast program, because their emphasis is on a signature lunch or dinner.   In today’s market place, however, customers are seeking the best value for their hard earned money at every meal,  and brand recognition is a great reassurance to your patrons.  What fine restaurants around the world have learned is, “Davidovich is not just another bagel.”   It is a unique symbol of quality, craftsmanship, integrity and value.  Letting your customers know you carry and serve Davidovich products is a sign they are dealing with the very best.
The sales team at Davidovich works closely with Restauranteurs to create the proper co-branding and brand awareness program so that you don’t just carry Davidovich products, but the world knows about it and it shows in your bottom line and customer satisfaction ratings.
Davidovich also recognizes that “time is of the essence” for business owners, which is why we are able to provide customized billing options to meet the internal criteria of each of our distinguished clients.
Coffee Shops and Restaurants