Should I Keep My Bread in the Refrigerator?

Should I Keep My Bread in the Refrigerator?

May 9, 2023 (NYC)Should I Keep my Bread in the Refrigerator?  This question comes up constantly in the course of the bakery business, at Davidovich Bakery, from smart consumers looking to extend the shelf life on artisan products without artificial chemicals.

Daniel Gritzer, of Serious Eats, answers this question in his great article that is worth reading.  Gritzer not only answer this important question, but explains the science behind his answer.   The article is a great read.

“Mouldy bread” by electricinca is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Does refrigeration really ruin bread?

“I can never decide how to store my bread. I’ve been told that refrigeration is not a good idea. Is that true? What’s the best way to make bread last?”

Ah bread, ye short-lived staff of life. If it weren’t for how quickly bread goes stale, I, for one, would eat a lot more of it. But purchasing a big, beautiful loaf, then watching it turn to stone before I’m even halfway through it, is more than my carbohydrate-loving eyes can bear. Not to get all biblical here, but if Moses was able to get water from a stone, surely we should be able to get a few extra days from our loaves before they require a similar level of divine intervention. And wouldn’t the refrigerator—the magical modern box of prolonged freshness, with fancy models miraculously dispensing water from their rock-hard doors—be the logical place to do it?


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