May 16, 2022 (NYC)THE ORIGIN OF THE BAGEL by Jonathan Rowe.  Food Blogger and author, Jonathan Rowe wrote a great article on the history of Davidovich’s favorite food, the Bagel.   We thought we would share this great piece as it was so well researched and written.

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Many of our favorite foods have “true” heritage versions, age-old recipes from foreign lands passed down through generations, firmly defended along the way. Most are defined by exact origins or brands of ingredients, specific prep methods, and ways of being served and eaten.

Ironically, most true versions are simple dishes, such as city-style pizzas (New York, Chicago, and Detroit), Mexican (mission-style burritos, tacos de carnitas), Italian (carbonara sauce, handmade pasta), and, perhaps the simplest of all specific eats, the bagel.

The bagel’s humble holy origins

In her book The Bagel: The Surprising History of a Modest Bread, journalist and filmmaker Maria Balinska…”

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