Davidovich Bakery’s BAGEL TALK- Episode 1 featuring Ben’s Bagel Tours

Ben Wagenberg (l) of Ben’s Bagel Tours with Comedian Joe Pontillo at The Premiere of Bagel Talk

August 30, 2018 NYC– On August 30, 2018 the Davidovich Bakery   launched the premier of its talk show, BAGEL TALK.   This serial talk show, hosted by Brooklyn’s famed comedian Joe Pontillo, filmed at Davidovich Bakery’s retail location at the historic Essex Street Market, featured NYC’s famed Food historian, Ben Wagenberg, of Ben’s Bagel Tours.   Topics included:

  • Why NYC has the Best Bagels
  • What’s Fun to See in NY Food
  • Rainbow Bagels-Fun Addition to the Bagel World or Abomination?
  • More…

Look out for future Installments in the BAGEL TALK series.

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Ben’s Bagel Tours.

New Jersey Families Love Davidovich Bagels

August 8, 2018-    For years New Jersey families has to cross the Hudson River to get NYC’s finest Bagels.   Now, thanks to Davidovich Bagels, the artisan, kettle boiled, Planked bagels that NYC is famous for are available all over the Garden State.

When going to your local Supermarket, Gourmet Deli,  and coffee shop if they don’t have Davidovich Bagels you need to walk out and find a discerning reseller that ONLY sells the most famous and beloved bagels in the world, Davidovich.

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